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Setting Record and Database Properties

Record and Database properties are set using the set subcommand for the database containing the specified record, or during record creation using the 'new' subcommand. The available properties depend on the record type whose properties are desired, although a number of properties (such as -name and -value) are shared by most record types.


% dbcmd set ?recordName? option value ?option value ...?


is the name of the database;
is a record search string (name, OID, or combination of such) identifying the record to be modified; and
option value
are a series of pairs identifying the property to be modified and its new value.

Each value is validated to ensure that the new value is valid for the specified property. An error will occur, and no changes will be applied, if any new value is invalid. If a property is specified more than once, then all but the last value specified will be ignored.

If the recordName field is omitted, then the properties are applied to the database its self. Consult the section on the appropriate record type for a list of available properties.


  • Nothing.

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