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MIB Smithy Professional

MIB Smithy is Windows and Unix software product for SNMP and COPS developers, MIB and PIB designers and Internet-Draft authors. The tool accelerates the development process by providing an easy to use GUI-based environment for designing, editing and compiling MIB and PIB specifications while eliminating the syntax and formatting concerns of editing them by hand. MIB Smithy Professional supports all of the features of MIB Smithy Standard, plus the ability to import XML-SMI files and includes MIB Smithy SDK, which can be used standalone or integrated in MIB Smithy to generate custom compiler formats.

$995.00 (USD)
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MIB Smithy Standard

MIB Smithy Standard Edition is a lower cost alternative to MIB Smithy Professional, designed for developers who have little or no need for custom compiler output formats and for those who are more budget constrained. MIB Smithy Standard supports many of the same features as MIB Smithy Professional but does not include the MIB Smithy SDK and does not import XML files. It supports both MOSY and XML as output formats.

$695.00 (USD)
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MIB Smithy SDK

MIB Smithy SDK is the core SMI/SNMP development library upon which MIB Smithy has been built. The SDK provides an extension to Tcl/Tk (8.1+) that allows development of custom scripts for controlling SNMP agents or manipulating SMI definitions. The SDK provides complete read-write access to all elements of SMI/MIB Module definitions, unlike similar extensions that provide only read access to a limited subset. Supports SMIv1 and SMIv2 as well as SNMPv1/v2c and SNMPv3 with HMAC-SHA-96 and HMAC-MD5-96 authentication and CBC-DES privacy.

$349.00 (USD)
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MIB Smithy SDK Embedded

MIB Smithy SDK Embedded is a special edition of the SDK for SNMP application developers. One Developer License grants a single developer a royalty-free license to embed the SDK and distribute it as an integral component of the developer's applications. Price includes one Single User/Host License for MIB Smithy SDK for development and internal use and one Developer License for MIB Smithy SDK Embedded for distribution.

$2495.00 (USD)
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MIB Views

MIB Views is an entry-level SNMP management application providing an easy to use tabbed interface with several SNMP Tools. The tools are based partly on those bundled in MIB Smithy, with a more consolidated GUI and new features. The suite includes MIB Browser (Tree View), SNMP Query, Table View, SNMP Walk and Trap Watch tools, with more tools and plugin features in the works. MIB Views supports SNMPv1, SNMPv2c and SNMPv3 with MD5 and SHA authentication and DES encryption.

$95.00 (USD)
* Purchase Order required for orders over $6000. To qualify for volume discount pricing, if available, the purchaser must have current support contracts for the stated minimum number of licenses either at the time of purchase or as a result of the purchase. Contact the Muonics sales department to discuss pricing and terms for distribution.