MIB/PIB Validator

About This Service

This free online service allows you to check MIB (Management Information Base) files for SMI compliance and PIB (Policy Information Base) for SPPI compliance. It uses MIB Smithy SDK from Muonics, Inc. as its back end, allowing you try out our compiler capabilities without downloading while working toward good MIB design in the process.

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Upload File
Note: this free validator has a 1 MB (per file) limit. It will, however, automatically import SMI base modules (e.g. SNMPv2-SMI, SNMPv2-TC, etc.) as well as other available IETF or IANA standard modules, and cross-check with those modules, so it is not necessary to upload them. You will receive warnings for any item that could not be fully validated due to a missing depenedency.

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