About rfc2mib.tcl

This Tcl script may be used to extract MIB, PIB and ASN.1 modules from an RFC document. Unlike most extractors, this script is smart enough to recognize ASN.1-style comments prior to or within the module header, use of the "TagDefaults" part of the module header (not used by MIB modules), module headers that are broken across multiple lines, and macros.

The script is also included in MIB Smithy SDK and MIB Smithy Professional. Binary versions are also provided in both MIB Smithy Professional and Standard editions, and MIB Smithy can load RFC files directly without needing to use the script.


rfc2mib [-s] infile [outfile]


split into separate files for each module.


BSD-style license (i.e., you can do pretty much anything you want with it as long as you preserve the original copyright/license notice).