MIB Smithy SDK

MIB Smithy SDK

MIB Smithy SDK from Muonics, Inc. is a dynamic Tcl/Tk extension for developing your own SNMP management scripts and SMI conversion tools (with or without a GUI). MIB Smithy SDK is based on the core library that MIB Smithy Professional and Standard are built upon, providing the user an API with all of the internal capabilities of MIB Smithy (and benefits thereof) without the GUI. Includes XML Import support and built-in MIB validation so an external MIB compiler isn't needed (MIB Smithy SDK is its own compiler).

Major Features

  • Linked to the Tcl "Stubs" Library for compatibility with newer Tcl versions
  • Imports SMIv1 MIB Modules (RFCs 1065, 1155, 1212, 1215)
  • Imports SMIv2 MIB Modules (RFCs 2576, 2578, 2579, 2580)
  • Imports COPS-PR-SPPI PIB Modules (RFC 3159)
  • Includes over 200 IETF and IANA standard MIB modules
  • ALL information from MIB definitions is available via the APIs -- not just a tiny subset provided by an external compiler.
  • Import modules from XML or SMI format directly (no external compiler needed).
  • Provides both read and write access to MIB definitions, rather than read-only access provided by similar extensions.
  • Full support for even the most obscure areas of the SMI that similar extensions lack.
  • Duplicate record names are not a problem with the SDK's flexible search algorithm.
  • Ability to create custom compiler output formats
  • SNMPv1, SNMPv2 and SNMPv3 Management APIs with Authentication and Privacy (MD5, SHA, DES, AES)
  • Provides both blocking and non-blocking/callback modes for request processing
  • Unlimited number of concurrent SNMP Sessions
  • Unlimited number of concurrent SMI Databases for isolating MIBs for different agents/projects.
  • Unlimited number of MIB files/modules in each database
  • Each session can be configured to use its own SMI Database or the default.
  • Built-in Compiler/Validation API
  • Configurable output channel for compiler messages
  • Automatic SMI syntax checking and error correction
  • Over 560 MIB Validation checks performed to ensure SMI compliance
  • Integrated with MOODSS, a popular general-purpose open-source monitoring environment.
  • Includes an optional Scotty/TNM Compatiblity Module providing support for most of its "mib" and "snmp" APIs.
  • SNMPv3/USM Key Generation, Localization and KeyChange interfaces


MIB Smithy SDK comes in two editions: the normal Single User/Single Host License and the embedded Developer License. A Single User/Single Host license permits either a single user to use the software on one or more computers, or one or more users to use the software on a single computer. A Developer License grants a single developer a royalty-free license to embed the SDK and distribute it as an integral part of the developer's applications, and includes a Single User/Single Host License for development and internal use.

Command-Line Tools

Extract MIB and ASN.1 modules from RFC documents
MIB validation/cross-checking tool.
Send SNMP Get Requests
Send SNMP Get-Next Requests
Perform a Get-Next walk an given MIB subtree or entire agent
Send SNMP Set Requests
Send SNMP Get-Bulk Requests
Send SNMPv2/v3 Inform Requests
Send SNMP Traps
SNMP Trap/Notification monitor/daemon
Query MIB/PIB module properties from the command line

These tools are provided in the form of fully-functional sample Tcl scripts to help get you started in creating your own. They may be freely modified and redistributed (see scripts for details), though all but rfc2mib require MIB Smithy SDK to function.

Platforms Supported

  • Tcl 8.4 or later required
  • Microsoft Windows (NT, 2000, XP, or later)
  • FreeBSD 6.2+ x86 (or compatible)
  • Linux x86/x86_64 (Fedora Core 7 or compatible)
  • Solaris 10+ SPARC (or compatible)
  • MacOS X 10.4+ PPC/x86
  • Other platforms are negotiable. Contact sales to discuss options.


Download 15-Day Evaluation

File NameFile SizePlatformBuild Date
smithysdkdemo4.6.6-windows.msi6308352Windows - x862019-01-22
smithysdkdemo4.6.6-freebsd.tgz4503780FreeBSD - x862019-01-22
smithysdkdemo4.6.6-linux.tgz4328424Linux - x862019-01-22
smithysdkdemo4.6.6-linux64.tgz4333966Linux - x86_642019-01-22
smithysdkdemo4.6.6-solaris.tgz4540484Solaris - SPARC2019-01-22
smithysdkdemo4.6.6-macosx.zip5318601MacOS X - PPC/x862019-01-22