MIB Smithy

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Setting File Properties


% dbcmd set @File# option value ?option value ...?


  • Nothing.


-filename path
Specifies the filesystem path for the file associated with the file record. The tail portion of the filename is used in any compiler error/warning messages. This property may be used to change the file name as one might do with a "Save As" type function. This property defaults to an empty string if the file record is created using the new -file command. If it is created using the import -filename command, it will default to the input filename.
-modified boolean
Sets or clears the state of the Modified flag for the file record. This flag is set by any call to new, set or destroy for any record within the file, except by directly clearing this flag during a set.
-name path
Equivalent to -filename.

Example - Changing the file name for a file record

% smilib set @File2 -filename [file join $env(HOME) new.mib]
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