MIB Smithy

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Examining the OID Tree

MIB Smithy SDK provides a dump subcommand for each database that allows a look into the state of the internal OID indexing tree. Primarily intended for interactive debugging purposes, this command prints a tree of all records within the index that have (or may have) OID values assigned, along with the subidentifier value and an integer ID for the record type (in parentheses). If more than one record is defined with the same value (such as occurres with variations and groups within a conformance statement), they are listed on the same line and separated by commas.

Two trees are actually displayed: one for the main OID tree, which contains all records that fully resolve to one of the root nodes, and the orphan branch, where records with missing parent dependencies reside. The orphan branch will also usually contain the names of each of the modules defined in the database: in ASN.1 (and, by some accounts, in SMIv1), modules may be assigned an OID value that uniquely identifies them. MIB Smithy supports this, though many tools do not, so there's no reason to be concerned by this.


% dbcmd dump


  • Nothing. Output is generated to stdout.


% smilib dump
Main Tree
-0-ccitt (6)
 -0-zeroDotZero (12)
-1-iso (6)
 -3-org (12)
  -6-dod (12)
   -1-internet (12)
    -1-directory (12)
    -2-mgmt (12)
     -1-mib-2 (12)
      -10-transmission (12)
    -3-experimental (12)
    -4-private (12)
     -1-enterprises (12)
    -5-security (12)
    -6-snmpV2 (12)
     -1-snmpDomains (12)
     -2-snmpProxys (12)
     -3-snmpModules (12)
-2-joint-iso-ccitt (6)
Orphan Tree
-0-SNMPv2-TC (3)
-0-SNMPv2-SMI (3)
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