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Setting Module Properties


% dbcmd set module option value ?option value ...?


  • Nothing.


-comments text
Specifies the body of comment text that is to be associated with the module record. Character sequences that start end end the comment should be omitted: these depend on the output format, and it is the responsibility of the converter to insert the appropriate sequences.
-exportslist list
Configures the list of symbols that are exported from the module (i.e., those that can be imported into another module, as in the EXPORTS section at the start of an ASN.1 module)). SMIv2 modules are forbidden to use the EXPORTS convention: all symbols are implicitly exported from such modules.
-importslist list

Configures the list of symbols imported into the module (as in the IMPORTS section at the start of an ASN.1 module). The value is a list of lists of the form:

{ symbolList moduleName ?oidvalue? } ...

is a list of symbols to import;
is the name of the module to import from; and
is an optional object identifier value that unamibuously references the module (either assigned in the module header in ASN.1/SMIv1 modules or the value of an SMIv2 module's MODULE-IDENTITY statement).
-name ucidentifier
Specifies the name of the module as should appear at the start of the ASN.1 module header. If unspecified at creation time, the SDK will automatically assign a name that is unique within the database. This property will accept any value that corresponds to an ASN.1 ModuleReference: that is, an identifier that starts with an uppercase first letter.
-oid oidvalue
Equivalent to -valuedecl for set operations.
-tags mode
Specifies the value of the TagDefaults of an ASN.1 module header. This property is only used by ASN.1 modules (such as the base modules defining the SNMP protocol); it is not used by MIB modules. Valid values are IMPLICIT and EXPLICIT or (equivalent) TRUE and FALSE, respectively.
-value oidvalue
Equivalent to -valuedecl for set operations.
-valuedecl oidvalue
Specifies the object identifier value to be assigned to the module, as may be present in an ASN.1 or SMIv1 module header. SMIv2 modules are forbidden to specify an OID in the module header.

Example 1 - Setting IMPORTS

% smilib set EXAMPLE-MIB -importslist [list \
    [list [list Integer32 OBJECT-TYPE] RFC1155-SMI] \
    [list [list parent] EXAMPLE2-MIB]]

Example 2 - Setting OID Value

% smilib set EXAMPLE-MIB -valuedecl 1.2.3

Example 3 - Setting EXPORTS

% smilib set EXAMPLE-MIB -exportslist \
    [list symbol1 symbol2 symbol3]

Example 4 - The above settings correspond to the following ASN.1:

   Integer32, OBJECT-TYPE
      FROM RFC1155-SMI
   symbol1, symbol2, symbol3
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