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Setting Conformance Module Properties


% dbcmd set confmodule option value ?option value ...?


  • Nothing.


-comments text
Specifies the body of comment text that is to be associated with the record. Character sequences that start end end the comment should be omitted: these depend on the output format, and it is the responsibility of the converter to insert the appropriate sequences.
-includes list
Equivalent to -mandatory-groups for purposes of this API.
-mandatory-groups list
Specifies the list of groups for the INCLUDES (AGENT-CAPABILITIES) or MANDATORY-GROUPS (MODULE-COMPLIANCE) clause.
-name ucidentifier
Specifies the descriptor of the Conformance Module record. This property will accept any value that corresponds to an ASN.1 ModuleReference: that is, an identifier that starts with an uppercase first letter.
-oid oidvalue
Equivalent to -valuedecl for set operations.
-value oidvalue
Equivalent to -valuedecl for set operations.
-valuedecl oidvalue
Specifies the object identifier value that uniquely identifies the module in OID space where the name of the module may otherwise be ambiguous. This feature of the SMI is not widely supported by most compilers and should be used with caution.
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