MIB Smithy 4.1 Release

July 30th, 2008 by Michael Kirkham

Wrapping up today’s flurry of releases, I’m pleased to announce the availability of MIB Smithy 4.1. This is primarily a bug fix release, but also provides some new features in the built-in SNMP tools also made in MIB Views 1.4.

Changes in this release:

This version of MIB Smithy includes changes made in MIB Smithy SDK 3.4.4, plus the following changes.

877: Additional keyboard bindings for trees

The Project and Files trees in the main GUI now have left and right key bindings to navigate, close, and open branches and behave as the MIB Browser tool does.

922: Instance identifier parsing for SNMP Tools

The variable lists in the SNMP Query, Walk, Trap Watch, and Tree View tools can now be expanded like a tree to display additional index values decoded from instance identifiers.

857: Close button missing on workspace

Due to missing images in the Windows distribution, the red close button in the upper right corner of workspace pages was not visible.

841: Error when saving file with unresolved OID

A “Root identifier … does not exist” error would occur during OID sorting when attempting to save or preview a module with OID dependencies that were not loaded.

878: Unix: Build dependency checkbuttons not working

The checkbuttons in the dependency section of the Build Settings dialog did not work when using the default X11 and “classic” themes due to Tile not defining a separate indicator element. These checkbuttons are now functional with these themes.

845: Inconsistent import failure messages in log

When adding a single file to a project that failed to import, log messages would be generated that indicated it both failed and was imported. Only the failure message will now be generated.

903: Unable to correct case from Project Tree

When using the popup dialog to rename records, MIB Smithy was checking if the old and new case of the first letter were the same rather than verifying the case was valid for the record type.

881: “invalid workspace type undefined” error

An “invalid workspace type” error could occur when double-clicking a record in the Project tree to edit properties if the record was defined under an implicit node (e.g. “xyz.0.1”, with no assignment for “xyz.0”), as seen for enterprise-specific TRAP-TYPEs in SMIv1 modules.

642: TreeCtrl +/- buttons don’t redraw sometimes

Under Windows, +/- buttons wouldn’t redraw when expanding/collapsing a branch that had no children until geometry changes forced a redraw. This is fixed in the upgraded TreeCtrl.

635: “Save As” should not allow multiple files with the same name

MIB Smithy does not normally allow multiple files with the same name in a project. However, “Save As” was not checking to see if the file name was already in use in the project before saving.

681: Inconsistent selection colors

Non-Tile components now get their selection colors from the Tile theme for improved consistency in appearance.

894: Unix: Ctrl-V to paste not working in text boxes

Back-ported a patch to the default Tk text widget bindings to fix bug preventing Ctrl-V from functioning as paste under Unix.

905: Target selection after drag-and-drop

After drag-and-drop copying and moving records within the project tree, the newly created or moved record will now be selected.

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