MIB Views 1.4 Release

July 30th, 2008 by Michael Kirkham

I’m pleased to announce the release of MIB Views 1.4, especially after an all-too-long period of dealing mostly with server migration, virtualization, migrating data to FogBugz, and not enough product development. It’s been very good to get back to it. We’ve moved nearly all of the old to-do stuff to FogBugz cases, and after a thorough review and some planning and scheduling, it’s been great to be getting those cases closed, especially in MIB Smithy and MIB Smithy SDK (which will also be released later today) and regain some clarity, direction, and productivity.

Changes in this release:

673: Instance identifier parsing for SNMP Tools

The variable lists in the SNMP Query, Walk, Trap Watch, and Tree View tools can now be expanded like a tree to display additional index values decoded from instance identifiers.

639: Upgrade TreeCtrl to 2.2.5+

The TreeCtrl version used by MIB Views has been updated to version 2.2.5. Among other things, this may fix issues with artifacts on some platforms.

886: Relaxed OID input validation

OID fields no longer require that input be strictly legal form. If a MIB can be loaded despite illegal identifier capitalization, it should now be possible to do SNMP queries with it.

887: Additional icons for status bar messages

Icons were added to some status bar messages to make them more noticeable.

876: Attempts to contact localhost when unconfigured

Expanding branches in Tree View and attempting queries in SNMP Query now check if an agent has been configured first, just as the Goto entry and Refresh button do, rather than attempting the query with session defaults.

888: Unix: Ctrl-V to paste not working in text boxes

Back-ported a patch to the default Tk text widget bindings to fix bug preventing Ctrl-V from functioning as paste under Unix.

919: MIB Views remains running after windows closed

MIB Views will now exit upon closing the Trap Watch window if it is the last window remaining (except on the Mac, where the menu bar remains).

680: Inconsistent selection colors

Non-Tile components now get their selection colors from the Tile theme for improved consistency in appearance.

643: TreeCtrl +/- buttons don’t redraw sometimes

Due to a TreeCtrl bug under Windows, the expand/collapse buttons in trees would not redraw when pressed if there were no children. This is fixed with the newer TreeCtrl version.

386: Table View sorting indicator doesn’t clear

The sort indicator on the first column in the Table View would not be cleared when sorting on another column unless the user had previously clicked to sort on the first column, leaving two sorting indicators visible.

896: sysDescr not displaying in description bar

The label area under the toolbar of the main GUI will now display the agent’s sysDescr.0 value (if returned on first connect) as it was intended.

914: Dropped notifications during bursts

Notifications could be dropped during bursts of many (or large) packets due to the default receive buffer size provided by the Windows TCP/IP stack. MIB Views now requests up to a 1 MB buffer for the trap socket (on all platforms) to reduce the risk of packet loss.

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