MIB Smithy 4.7.4 and MIB Views 2.0.4 Released

September 26th, 2016 by Michael Kirkham

MIB Smithy 4.7.4 and MIB Views 2.0.4 are now available for download. These releases fix an issue with the Trap Watch tool’s agent configuration whereby an error would occur when attempting to change the SNMPv3 authentication or privacy protocols. An issue with elements missing from the MIB Smithy version of the tool were also fixed.

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MIB Smithy 4.7.3, MIB Smithy SDK 4.6.6, MIB Views 2.0.3 Released

February 4th, 2016 by Michael Kirkham

MIB Smithy 4.7.3, MIB Smithy SDK 4.6.6, and MIB Views 2.0.3 are now available for download. These releases include the following changes/fixes:

7065: SNMPv3 “reportable” flag incorrectly set in reports/responses

The “reportable” field in SNMPv3 msgFlags was incorrectly set when sending reports or responses, which would result in inability to handle inform requests with some agents.

8050: Enumeration as textual convention and table index

MIB validation could report false warnings about possible negative values when using an enumerated TEXTUAL-CONVENTION for the SYNTAX of an object used as a table INDEX. It would also fail to report errors in similar circumstances where negative enumerations are actually defined.

6797: Tnm notifier session default port should be 162 [SDK Only]

When creating sessions using [Tnm::snmp notifier], the default target port is now 162 (the normal target port for SNMP notifications) rather than 161 (the normal target port for SNMP requests).

6808: No callback for timed out Tnm requests [SDK Only]

When using the Tnm interface, SNMP requests (other than walk) using callbacks will now invoke the callback when the request times out or fails for some other reason, with appropriate parameters so the callback can detect the condition.

5108: Individual record preview should show comments [MIB Smithy]

When previewing ASN.1 format, a record’s comments property was typically only included in the preview text when previewing a whole module. The record’s comments are now included when previewing the individual record.

8055: Table View: clarification for non-table OIDs in entry [MIB Smithy, MIB Views only]

When a non-table OID is entered in the Table View’s search entry, it will generate a meaningful message to the user informing them so instead of an SDK API error message.

7319: Window -> Close command causes “wrong # args” error [MIB Smithy only]

A “wrong # args” error could occur when selecting the Window -> Close menu command and has been fixed.

6075: Existing MODULE-IDENTITY should select on create request [MIB Smithy only]

When attempting to create a MODULE-IDENTITY when one already exists, and the editor for the existing one is opened, the existing one will be selected instead of creating a new one. Only one MODULE-IDENTITY is allowed/required per module.

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MIB Smithy 4.7.2 and MIB Smithy SDK 4.6.5 Released

August 27th, 2014 by Michael Kirkham

MIB Smithy 4.7.2 and MIB Smithy SDK 4.6.5 are now available for download. These releases include the following changes/fixes:

6601: Return id for wait/cancel when sending traps with delay [SDK]

The [$session trap] command will now return a unique ID, as is done with async requests, allowing the [$session wait] command to be used to wait (specifically) for the trap to be sent when transmission is delayed.

6602: Send messages immediately if no delay/window wait required [SDK]

Based on user feedback, the behavior introduced in SDK 4.6.4 whereby trap and async request APIs always return immediately (before transmission) has been changed to only return before transmission if the it would be delayed. The messaging APIs will service the Tcl event queue prior to returning, until the message is sent -OR- no more immediately serviceable events remain in the queue.

This restores prior API behavior when -delay and -window options are not in use, while preserving the intended fixes for CPU load and handling such delays asynchronously.

6600: Can’t specify SNMPv3 priv password for snmptrapd CLI tool/script

When the snmptrapd CLI tool/sample script was enhanced to allow specifying SNMPv3 auth/priv parameters, the options added were consistent with the other CLI tools/scripts. Unfortunately the -p option was already in use for specifying listener port, resulting in an error when trying to specify privacy protocol.

The option for specifying listener port has been changed from -p to -b to resolve the conflict. Additionally, -B can be used to specify listener address/interface (normally it will listen on all interfaces), and -s to disable use of straps/nmtrapd on Unix.

6620: sysUpTime not included in trap varbinds with Tnm interface

When using the Tnm compatibility interface to send SNMPv2c/v3 traps, sysUpTime was not being included in the sent trap’s varbinds.

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MIB Smithy 4.7.1, MIB Smithy SDK 4.6.4, MIB Views 2.0.2 Released

August 10th, 2014 by Michael Kirkham

MIB Smithy 4.7.1, MIB Smithy SDK 4.6.4, and MIB Views 2.0.2 are now available for download and provide fixes for several bugs. These are mostly fixes in the SDK, which are incorporated into MIB Smithy and MIB Views as well. Issues/changes applicable only to certain products are noted in [brackets].

Changes in these releases:

6515: Help not displayed when using kfmclient [MIB Smithy, MIB Views only]

A missing openURL argument to kfmclient would prevent online help from showing when using the KDE window manager on Unix platforms.

6470: SNMPv3 messages not being sent with privacy

An error in the fix for #5951 in MIB Smithy SDK 4.6.2, which was intended to prevent sending SNMPv3 messages with privacy but without authentication, could prevent messages from being sent with privacy enabled at all.

6468: High CPU utilization when waiting for responses

Handling of delays and waits for pending SNMP requests has been changed to make much better use of the Tcl event queue and timer callbacks in order to prevent high CPU utilization during such times when it should otherwise be doing nothing.

[SDK NOTE: Asynchronous SNMP requests are now queued for transmission via callback from the event queue rather than being sent before API return. Previously, using the -delay option to delay transmission would result in the API not returning until the delay was finished (up to 5 minutes), even with an async request.]

6516: IPv6 messages not being sent on Windows

SNMP messages were not being sent to IPv6 targets on Windows due to using getsockname() with a structure of insufficient size for IPv6 results on that platform. The call would fail, the SDK would be unable to match the target address family with an available socket, so the message would not be sent.

6548: Receiving SNMPv3 auth/priv traps without Engine ID discovery

If the Engine ID in a received SNMPv3 message doesn’t match the configured or discovered local or remote Engine ID for a session, but the user name matches, the session now localizes keys (if configured) to the message’s Engine ID for purposes of authentication/privacy for that message. This allows SNMPv3 auth/priv traps to be received from any source with the same user name and passwords/unlocalized keys, rather than requiring Engine ID discovery first.

6500: Delayed send not accounted for in time window [SDK Only]

When using the -delay and/or -window options for delayed/limited transmission of SNMPv3 messages, USM processing now happens just prior to actual transmission rather than before delay so the time window reflects the time sent, not the request time. Otherwise, a sufficiently long delay would provoke a usmStatsNotInTimeWindows report from the agent.

6504: Cancel pending requests on configuration change [SDK Only]

An SNMP session’s pending requests are now cancelled when session configuration is changed to prevent sending requests to the incorrect target or with incorrect parameters.

6478: Crash when destroying session during callback [SDK Only]

SNMP session and MIB database instances are now reference counted like all other data so that they are only garbage collected when there are no more references. Previously they were GC’ed immediately when destroyed, which could cause a crash if for some reason they were destroyed in a callback.

UPDATE: Solaris builds were delayed due to hardware failure. Replacement parts arrived on Monday and I was able to get the SPARC machine back online. Solaris builds for the above releases are now available.

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MIB Smithy 4.7 Released

December 17th, 2013 by Michael Kirkham

MIB Smithy 4.7 is now available for download. As with the recent MIB Views and MIB Smithy SDK releases, due to the unusually long time since the previous release, I have extended support periods for MIB Smithy users whose support expired (or was due to expire) after October 1, 2012 but before January 31, 2014, so that this release is available to those users as part of their annual support agreement.

Changes in this release:

5876: Set up file associations at install time

MIB Smithy file associations are now registered by the installer, rather than by the application itself, so that Windows can properly manage removal of the associations at uninstall time.

381: Use XML format for project files

MIB Smithy project files are now stored in XML rather than INI format to allow for future features with more complex configurations. When opening an old format (.mip) project file you will be prompted to save to a new (.smproj) file and the project will be converted to the new format.

5720: Reordering notification objects

Reordering commands (Move Up/Move Down) were added to the Objects property for Notification workspaces. As the ordering of the objects affects the on-the-wire encoding of the notifications, they can’t be arbitrarily reordered by MIB Smithy the way e.g. group members can, but using the “Select” button tended to put them in alphabetical order.

5127: Change preferences file format to XML

MIB Smithy application preferences are now stored in XML rather than INI format to allow for future features with more complex preferences. Existing preferences will be converted automatically.

5114: Use DOM to generate XML

MIB Smithy now uses an actual DOM implementation to build its XML output format for MIBs (and preferences, project files, etc), rather than rudimentary text operations. This is less prone to introducing malformed XML and may allow for future operations on the DOM document.

5878: Windows: Prefer Application Data folder over Registry for preferences

MIB Smithy will no longer save application preferences to the Windows Registry except as a fallback if it can’t save elsewhere. Instead, preferences are saved to the user’s Application Data folder. Existing preferences will be imported, and user given the option to remove or preserve the old registry entries.

5932: “Error in custom build script” during MOSY build

Spaces in output directory names were not handled properly when compiling to MOSY format, resulting in an “error in custom build script” message.

5767: Improve Unsigned32/Gauge32 conversion to derived types

SNMP tools will better handle converting Unsigned32 and Gauge32, which have the same on-the-wire encoding, to the proper syntax for display purposes provided appropriate MIBs are loaded.

5781: Missing REFERENCE property pages

The MODULE-COMPLIANCE and AGENT-CAPABILITIES workspaces were missing tabs to allow editing of those macros’ REFERENCE properties.

5115: XML-SMI schema corrections

Minor corrections were made to the XML-SMI schema to make the RangeSubspec and Enumeration definitions legal XSD syntax.

5128: Changing module for imported symbol should not add new import

Editing the module name for an existing symbol in the IMPORTS list will now actually change which module it is imported from, rather than causing the symbol to be imported from both modules (unless the “Add” button is used rather than “Modify”).

2121: Add support for pre-localized and unlocalized keys

SNMP tool sessions can now be configured directly with unlocalized or localized auth/priv keys, rather than requiring passwords and letting the session manage conversion to keys and key localization.

5801: Add options to CLI tools to specify keys rather than passwords

The bundled CLI tools/sample scripts now have options for specifying SNMPv3 auth/priv keys directly (localized or unlocalized), rather than only allowing passwords to be specified.

2277: Give validator messages unique IDs

All parser and validator messages have been moved to a message table with unique IDs, which are provided in messages printed to the configured log channel and in arguments to the configured log command. The actual IDs are still subject to change with reorganization, but this allows one to (for example) implement filters to effectively disable messages that aren’t desired.

1839: ASN.1 Type Assignment with type BITS

An error is now generated at parse time when attempting to use ASN.1 Type Assignment notation (Name ::= Type) with the “BITS” construct (which is not allowed in this form), rather than just quietly correcting it.

5397: XML-SMI XSD: use xsd:token type where appropriate

The XML-SMI Schema was changed to use “xsd:token” rather than “xsd:string” for some types where appropriate. Semantically the schema is unchanged by this as “xsd:token” is a subset of “xsd:string”, but “xsd:token” more closely matches the (existing) value restrictions.

1870: Add support for MODULE-CONFORMANCE (RFC-1303)

Support was added for parsing, editing, and validating the MODULE-CONFORMANCE construct from RFC 1303 (the SMIv1 predecessor to SMIv2’s AGENT-CAPABILITIES). The XML-SMI Schema was also updated to add support.

6065: Add support for MIB Views agent files

Added support for using MIB Views agent files with the MIB Smithy SNMP tools to save and restore SNMP agent settings to/from files.

5809: Remember SNMPv3 Trap Watch configuration

SNMPv3 Trap Watch tool configuration (port, SNMPv3 user name, keys, etc.) is now stored in the user’s preferences file and remembered between runs.

5954: Improve GUI responsiveness during walk

The SNMP Walk tool could appear to update in bursts if more CPU time was spent processing messages than allowing for GUI updates. It will now ensure the GUI updates when entries are added to the result table.

5953: Bad option “-fulloid” error in MIB Browser

A ‘Bad option “-fulloid”‘ error could occur in the MIB Browser due to changes introduced in version 4.6 to better handle ambiguous MIB definitions.

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