From time to time, Muonics, Inc. makes certain applications and libraries available open source licenses. These are typically the result of research efforts related to other potential products, components of our products having low maintenance requirements, or enhancements to other open source software we use in our products with general audience (giving back to the community). We are also occasionally involved in contributing to other open source projects such as Tcl/Tk, Tile, and net-snmp.

The products listed below are available free for both commercial and non-commerical use, subject to the terms of their individual licenses (or other specifically agreed upon arrangements).

For details and a listing of our commercial products, check our Products Page.


TkPNG is an open source package written in C that adds PNG photo image support to your Tcl/Tk applications. TkPNG was adopted for inclusion into Tk 8.6 (TIP #244), but continues to be provided as a separate package for earlier versions.
TclMilter is an open source package written in C for writing Sendmail Milters (Mail Filters for message rewriting and spam filtering) in Tcl.
rfc2mib.tcl is an open source Tcl script for extracting MIB, PIB and ASN.1 modules from RFC documents.