Privacy Policy

GENERAL. Muonics takes your privacy very seriously. Muonics does not sell, rent or otherwise disclose personally identifiable information provided by you, the user, to any third party without your explicit permission or otherwise required by court order. To protect your privacy, and Muonics' security, all pages on this site requesting or providing (to its owner) personally identifiable information require a password protected user account and a secure (HTTPS) connection to the web server. The Muonics web site further supports HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) to instruct supporting browsers to use HTTPS for all pages and traffic (including those not involving such personally identifiable information). Muonics adheres to Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) requirements, including requirements for allowed (secure) ciphers, and utilizes a trusted third-party PCI-DSS scanning service at least monthly to ensure PCI-DSS compliance.

SERVER LOGS. The Muonics website makes use of server logs that track certain information provided by the web server and/or the user's web browser including IP address, requested page, referring page, and User-Agent. Muonics uses this information in aggregate form only to analyze the general usage patterns of its users only in order to make usability and accessibility improvements for its users or to find and correct bugs or problems with the website. Muonics also may use this information in order to take actions against abusive behavior, hacking, etc. including barring abusive users from accessing the site. Muonics does not sell, rent or disclose any personally identifiable information from these logs to third parties. Muonics may provide, at its sole discretion, purely aggregate information from these logs to third parties as required to conduct its business.

USER ACCOUNTS. Users of the Muonics website are permitted to create a personal user account. Muonics requires only that a valid email address be provided when creating the account. The user may, at his or her discretion, provide further "Profile" information with their account, including name, organization, postal address, and phone number. This information is used for administrative purposes only to provide customer support and as a point of contact to resolve any possible copyright or trademark infringement disputes over user-submitted Resource/FAQ area submissions. Muonics does not use the provided information to send advertisements of any kind except as a response to a customer inquiry/request for such information. Muonics does not sell, rent or otherwise disclose this information to third parties without your explicit permission.

SUPPORT. Muonics may request information from users of its website or software in response to customer support inquiries as required in order to properly diagnose and resolve the issue adequately and promptly. Muonics may retain such information in the form of bug databases and email logs for historical purposes. Muonics does not disclose proprietary or personally identifiable information provided by the user in this process to third parties. Muonics may choose to make available to its users non-personally-identifiable information, such as problem symptoms and resolution, that it deems appropriate for other users who may encounter similar issues.

SALES. Muonics collects certain personally identifiable information, such as name, organization, postal address, telephone number, and credit card/payment information, in order to fulfill orders submitted by users either via its website or by quote/purchase order. Muonics does not disclose any such private or personally identifiable information to any third party except as required to complete the requested order. Namely, this information may be provided to AUTHORIZE.NET(R), Muonics' credit card processing gateway, and/or to Wells Fargo Bank, for authorization and transaction settlement purposes. By placing an order with Muonics, you understand that this is a necessary procedure for processing the order, and your order placement constitutes explicit permission to use the information in this manner.

Muonics may retain portions of this information as for historical purposes, as required to fulfill any obligations with regards to terms of warranty or return policy explained in the license agreement(s) for the purchased product(s), for fraud protection, or as required by law. Muonics retains only enough payment information as is required to fulfill these obligations, and measures are taken to protect this information from unauthorized access. For auditing purposes, information is retained for a minimum of five (5) years from the date of purchase.

If you have any questions regarding this privacy policy, please contact privacy@muonics.com or write Muonics at the postal address given on the Contact Page.