Request for Comments – XML Schema for SMI/MIB Module Mappings

April 7th, 2003 by Michael Kirkham

An updated XML Schema proposal for mapping SMI/MIB modules into XML has been published. The purpose of this proposal is to fix a number of bugs and limitations in the original proposal in an expired internet-draft from June 21, 2000 and to potentially move forward with publishing the document as an Informational RFC if there is sufficient interest (the current proposal has not been published as an internet-draft at this time, but will be if there is sufficient interest). Muonics plans to release support in MIB Smithy shortly for importing and exporting MIB modules from/to XML according to this schema, and input on the proposal is requested. Details of the proposal (its purpose, goals, etc.) and the complete schema can be found at:


We welcome comments from interested parties here, to support at muonics.com, or (most appropriately) the smixml mailing list maintained by folks over at the Technical University of Braunschweig. Information on the mailing list — subscription, archives, etc. — can be also be found at the above URL.

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