Apologies for the extended downtime

May 22nd, 2019 by Michael Kirkham

All communications channels to Muonics (web site, phone, email) have been down for almost three weeks and I wanted to apologize for appearing to have suddenly and closed up shop with no notice.

I received notice that the lease was being terminated and was in a mad scramble to get everything physically prepared for the move and to find and secure a new lease elsewhere. By the time I was [almost] prepared, knew where things were moving to, and get moving bids, the movers had an opening for the either next day or more than a month after the lease was to terminate. Less than 24 hours was just too short of a time to have new internet services or a backup web site in place to provide notice to customers.

I had been wanting to switch ISPs for some time but was waiting for their wireless or fiber options to become available at the old place. They would not be at the new place yet either, but I decided to take the opportunity to switch anyway. Unfortunately the service they could offer now, a rebranded service from a third ISP that they could get installed a few days after the move, turned out to be an unworkable disaster. It was another week before giving up on that ISP and another week still before I could get the old service with the old ISP moved to the new location.

So, once again I apologize for the downtime and the lack of responsiveness leading up to the move. Fortunately things are finally, mostly, back online. There is still more to do and I have a fair bit of catching up to do, but hopefully things will be back to normal within a few more days.

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