MIB Smithy SDK 3.4.4 Release

July 30th, 2008 by Michael Kirkham

I am pleased to announce the release of MIB Smithy SDK 3.4.4. Many bug fixes have been made in this release to clear the way for new features.

Changes in this release:

741: Allow empty modules in SMI parser

Modules without any assignments in them (which might happen if you create a module in MIB Smithy and save it before defining anything in it) can now be loaded by the SMI parser.

253: Documentation for database -logcommand setting

Documentation has been added for the SMI Database’s -logcommand setting, which allows user control over the formatting of compiler and parser messages.

851: XML version of SNMPv2-SMI errors about IMPORTS

Validating SNMPv2-SMI from XML format caused a false error regarding OBJECT-IDENTITY needing to be imported due to module version not being determined when there is no imports element.

848: Tables are not saved/restored from XML correctly

Single-identifier subtypes (as in the ‘SysORTable’ in ‘SEQUENCE OF SysORTable’) were being assigned by the XML parser to the wrong field, resulting in saved/restored XML files from failing validation on tables.

842: Importing of XML files fails with no error message

The XML parser did not previously support sending log messages through the SMI database’s logcommand, just logchannel. This resulted in error messages not being displayed in the “Tasks” list of MIB Smithy.

844: XML files fail to import with large integers

Due to an arithmetic error in the XML parser’s integer overflow checking, XML files could fail to import with sufficiently large integer values (e.g. in range elements).

914: Dropped notifications during bursts

Notifications could be dropped during bursts of many (or large) packets due to the default receive buffer size provided by the Windows TCP/IP stack. The SDK now requests up to a 1 MB buffer for the trap socket (on all platforms) to reduce the risk of packet loss.

255: MacOSX: tclsh aborts loading SDK without valid license key

With Tk built for Aqua, tclsh would terminate with SIGABRT when not logged in at the console when attempting to display the license dialog. The SDK now checks if Aqua or X11 environments are available to the session before attempting to load Tk.

882: Relaxed case restrictions on database queries

Although the SMI parser was able to handle illegal upper/lowercase first letters for record names, the validation for database queries was still strict. This caused “$db get -fulloid Foo” to succeed but “$db get -fulloid Foo.0” to error regarding an invalid OID (which it is, but limited the usefulness of the parser’s handling of them).

912: SNMPv1 Trap-PDU encoding incorrect

The SNMPv1 Trap-PDU fields were being encoded in the wrong order when using the SDK to send SNMPv1 traps. Consequently, the SDK could not decode SNMPv1 traps sent to itself.

850: XML parser doesn’t check for equal min/max range values

Both the min and max attributes of the range element in the XML Schema are required, so single range values are generated as equal min and max. However, upon importing an XML file these values were not merged back into one, resulting in validation errors.

818: TRAP-TYPE’s REFERENCE field not preserved

The REFERENCE field of TRAP-TYPEs will no longer be lost when loading MIB modules.

817: Querying CREATION-REQUIRES returns only one element

Querying CREATION-REQUIRES property of a variation will now return all of the symbols listed, rather than only one.

254: snmplib format command documentation corrections

Docs for the snmplib format command were corrected to reflect the actual default format for enumerations (label only) and invalid “-format” argument in example 2.

308: -includes option missing from get capabilities

The documented -includes property for querying AGENT-CAPABILITIES statements was implemented only with the -mandatory-groups synonym, while both -includes and -mandatory-groups were supported for querying conformance modules and only -mandatory-groups was supported for querying MODULE-COMPLIANCE. Both ACs and MCs now support both synonyms.

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