MIB Smithy 4.0.7 and SDK 3.4.3 Release

September 9th, 2007 by Muonics, Inc.

Changes affecting MIB Smithy:

  • A “wrong # args” error could occur when previewing a single OBJECT-TYPE in SMI format (the error did not occur when previewing the whole module).

Changes affecting both MIB Smithy and MIB Smithy SDK:

  • The “piberrors” type in the XML-SMI Schema document was not correct and did not match the implementation and has been corrected.
  • Newlines and carriage returns in OCTET STRING values were forcing conversion to hex (such as in varbind values in responses) as if they were on-printable characters.
  • A crash could occur if the environment variable for pointing to the license key file were mistakenly set to a directory instead.

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