MIB Smithy 4.4 Released

August 15th, 2011 by Michael Kirkham

MIB Smithy 4.4 is now available. In addition to MIB Smithy SDK 4.3 changes, changes in this release include:

275: Record delete confirmation enhancement

Deleting a table or other OID branch that has children will now ask if you want to delete delete the children as well (individually or all).

3490: Add firefox to browsers tried for help

When opening html help files from MIB Smithy, which currently uses whatever browser is available on the system, FireFox is now among the browsers that are tried.

503: Bind Help button on mac keyboard

The Mac keyboard’s “Help” button can now be used in addition to F1 for launching online help.

496: Change entry field in SEQUENCE property to a combobox

Entry fields on the SEQUENCE property are now comboboxes populated with applicable records and supporting auto-completion, as with other lists/tables.

336: Add Cmd-W/Ctrl-W binding to SNMP Tools

Ctrl-W (Win/Unix) and Cmd-W (Mac) will now close SNMP tool windows.

1054: Adding new file should start module wizard

Adding a new file to a MIB Smithy project will automatically launch the New Module wizard as well, as it’s likely a module is the next thing the user will create.

1719: Opening unreadable MIB file as new project causes error

Trying to open a MIB file that was unreadable (due to permissions) as a new project would cause an error indicating it couldn’t be imported, while leaving an file in the new project and other files closed.

3489: File > Export command causes “no such variable” error

A “no such variable” error would occur when trying to export a selected module (rather than an entire file) using the File -> Export menu.

3522: Linux: Application won’t launch from GUI

Under Linux, the application wouldn’t launch from the file explorer or as a regular application icon added to the menus. It would only launch from the terminal/CLI or as a “terminal application” due to an exception at startup when trying to determine the user ID.

3112: Missing info panel text for enumerations

The Information Panel (that provides tips about whatever field/property has focus) now includes information about enumerations that was not being shown due to not properly detecting focus on those fields.

3466: Whitespace in snmp query tool name/oid field causes error

White space is no longer allowed in the SNMP Query tool’s OID field or the “Go to” entry at the top of the application. Previously, entering white space would cause an application error.

473: Wrong default for mosy output directory

Compiling to mosy format caused the .defs file to be saved to the current directory. MIB Smithy is now smarter about generating the .defs file in the same location as the source file, unless otherwise specified in the build settings.

474: Deleting items from SEQUENCE doesn’t behave like other lists

When multiple deleting items from a SEQUENCE definition, the entry fields will be pre-populated with the last item deleted (as with other lists/tables).

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