MIB Smithy SDK 4.3 Released

August 15th, 2011 by Michael Kirkham

MIB Smithy SDK 4.3 is now available. Changes in this release include:

2707: Clarify “Invalid OBJECT IDENTIFIER” error

A generic “Invalid OBJECT IDENTIFIER” was given when trying to issue an SNMP request with a symbolic OID that couldn’t be fully resolved. It will now instead give an “Unable to resolve OID” error that indicates which parent couldn’t be resolved and likely reason.

269: Add support for inverting display formatting

New [smilib scan] and [snmplib scan] commands were added to invert display formatting (i.e., opposite of [smilib format]) where possible. The Scotty/TNM compatibility interface also now supports the Tnm::mib scan command.

270: Add TNM’s “mib pack” and “mib unpack” commands

Scotty/TNM compability now includes the “mib pack” and “mib unpack” commands. (However, OCTET STRINGS remain in binary form; they are not converted to hex as Scotty does). Native APIs [smilib buildoid] and [smilib parseoid] are also added.

2708: Clarify “search string is ambiguous” errors

The generic “record search string is ambiguous” error is replaced with an error indicating which string is ambiguous, along with a list of non-ambiguous matches.

539: Verify base type for notification members is legal

A new validation rule was added to check that the OBJECT-TYPEs listed in a NOTIFICATION-TYPE or TRAP-TYPE have a valid syntax (i.e., no tables/rows).

3754: Add -logchannel option for Tnm SNMP wrapper

SNMP sessions using the Scotty/TNM compatibility interface now support -logchannel option of the SDK’s native APIs for writing packet traces to a specified channel.

3796: New SNMP session -logcommand option

A new -logcommand option was added to SNMP sessions as an alternate to -logchannel, which allows packet logging to be done through a callback function.

3524: Randomize starting request-id and message-id

The starting request-id and message-id for an SNMP session is now random, rather than starting at 0 for each session.

271: Add TNM’s -delay and -window options

The Scotty/TNM compatibility interface for SNMP sessions now supports the -delay and -window options for waiting before sending messages and limiting the number of pending requests (rather than being silently ignored options), and are also supported by the SDK’s native sessions.

2691: Improve randomness in SDK

Changes have been made to the use of random numbers (e.g. for SNMPv3 authentication/privacy salts) to make them more random.

3762: smilib: suppress formatting for NULL/exceptions

The [smilib format] command will no longer apply DISPLAY-HINT formatting when the syntax given is NULL, to prevent formatting exceptions such as endOfMibView.

2297: smilib get -subnodes implicit subnode regression

Implicit subnodes (i.e., OIDs that have no record defined for them but which are parents of other records) are once again included in the [smilib get -subnodes] result.

3821: IPv6 address support for sample scripts

The format for specifying the address and port with the included sample CLI scripts has been changed from address[:port] to address[#port] (e.g. to accommodate colon-delimited IPv6 addresses.

3498: Wrong icon for Windows redist installer

The Add/Remove Programs icon for the Redistributable SDK is now the same as the regular SDK.

3525: Matching Reports to Requests if agent doesn’t parse PDU

When matching SNMPv3 reports to pending requests, only the message-id will be used instead of also matching the request-id. SNMPv3 allows for the possibility that the security model may trigger a report to be sent back by an agent to a manager without the request PDU being parsed, which would cause the request to time out rather than processing the report.

3526: Update time window for resent SNMPv3 messages on timeout

When SNMPv3 requests time out, they will no longer be sent with the same engineBoots/engineTime values when resent; instead the time window will be updated and the message re-encoded (and re-encrypted/authenticated if applicable).

310: Clarify dependency failure for duplicate module names

When a module name referenced by MODULE-COMPLIANCE or AGENT-CAPABILITIES is ambiguous, the validator message incorrectly indicated that it was an IMPORTS module reference that was ambiguous.

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