MIB Smithy SDK 4.0.1 Released

February 25th, 2010 by Michael Kirkham

This release fixes a couple of assertion failures that could occur in some of the new validation rules introduced in the 4.0 release and some licensing issues with Windows, and introduces a new edition of the SDK available for general release soon.

2419: New SDK edition for application developers

A new SDK edition (the MIB Smithy SDK Developer License) was implemented to accommodate developers who which to use the SDK to develop distributable applications.

2412: Error upon redisplaying license dialog

Upon adding a license key to the license dialog that was not accepted, the dialog should be redisplayed. A bug was introduced in 4.0 that cause an “unknown command name” error instead.

2421: Demo license key crashes on Windows

An issue was identified in the new licensing engine for 4.0 that could cause the SDK to crash when given an evaluation license key on Windows.

2282: Assertion failure checking for duplicate members

The SDK could abort during validation with an assertion failure when checking for duplicate members (such as OBJECTS in OBJECT-GROUP) if multiple members were undefined.

2407: Assertion failure validating orphaned read-write OBJECT-TYPE

The SDK could abort during validation with an assertion failure when checking for a mix of read-write and read-create columnar objects when the OBJECT-TYPE’s OID was not fully defined or known.

2409: License key location on Windows Vista/Windows 7

On Windows Vista and Windows 7, the license dialog could fail write license keys to the correct location due to changes in structure and permissions of %ALLUSERSPROFILE%. The default location is now based on %APPDATA%, which is user-specific and more appropriate for user-based licenses.

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