MIB Smithy 4.1.3, SDK 3.4.7, MIB Views 1.4.3 Releases

March 4th, 2009 by Michael Kirkham

I guess I jumped the gun a little bit in stating that the previous releases would likely be the last based on the MIB Smithy SDK 3.4 branch, prior to releasing SDK 4.0. The main reason for the previous releases was to fix case 1406 (circular type references cause crash), which was discovered while creating regression tests for SDK 4.0. I’d not yet finished all the regression tests for SYNTAX validation, so it slipped by that the fix for case 1406 also caused some SYNTAX validation steps to be bypassed (shame on me).

The problem was discovered while finishing those regression tests, and this release restores the bypassed validation steps. While I was at it, I thought I’d back-port fixes for a few other validation bugs also uncovered while preparing the regression tests.

Changes in these releases:

1478: Fix for case 1406 caused some syntax checks to be bypassed

The fix for case 1406, which resolved an issue with circular type references, inadvertently blocked base type resolution in some cases, causing some syntax-related checks to be bypassed.

1479: Special cases for ExtUTCTime, ObjectName, and NotificationName

Errors regarding the disallowed importing of ExtUTCTime, ObjectName, and NotificationName (internal to SNMPv2-SMI) are now suppressed when validating the COPS-PR-SPPI or SNMPv2-CONF base modules.

1480: MODULE-IDENTITY required in PIB modules

As with SMIv2, an error message will now be produced for COPS-PR-SPPI (PIB) modules lacking a MODULE-IDENTITY statement.

1481: MAX-ACCESS read-write not allowed for Counter types

SMIv2 requires Counter32 and Counter64 OBJECT-TYPEs to have MAX-ACCESS read-only or accessible-for-notify. The error message indicated this properly, but the actual check was instead allowing read-only or read-write.

1483: Inverted check for SMIv2 INDEX object accessibility

A warning intended to be produced for INDEX OBJECT-TYPEs with MAX-ACCESS other than not-accessible was instead produced for every version except SMIv2. This has been corrected, and it will also now be suppressed for indexes from other tables.

1484: Duplicate warning message for empty PRODUCT-RELEASE field

Two separate warnings were being produced for an empty PRODUCT-RELEASE field in AGENT-CAPABILITIES validation. The duplicate warning has been removed.

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