MIB Smithy

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Known Issues

The following are some of the most important known issues you are likely to encounter with this version of the product. If you don't see a problem listed here, it does not necessarily mean we are not aware of it. However, you may wish to contact Technical Support to be sure.

  • You may notice the Notification Workspace lacks an Enterprise property. To specify the enterprise and integer values for an SMIv1 TRAP-TYPE, define the notification as you would an SMIv2 notification (that is, specifying enterprise.0.value as the OID value). It is not necessary to convert the module to SMIv1 - MIB Smithy will do the conversion automatically so long as TRAP-TYPE is imported in the module instead of NOTIFICATION-TYPE.
  • Non-MIB Documentation (i.e., RFC text) is not preserved when MIBs are saved to text files, due to format analysis issues. The text is stripped from the MIB when loaded. Now that XML support is available, we will be expanding such capabilities to allow much better control over creating and formatting document text. For now, we recommend only editing MIB files without non-MIB text, or saving your changes to a different file if you are importing MIBs from an RFC document.
  • MACRO definitions are not preserved in output generated by MIB Smithy. However, MACRO definitions generally only exist within the SMI specification documents (SMIv2 forbids new macros from being defined in information modules), which should not, in general, be modified.
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