MIB Views 1.1 Release

November 13th, 2005 by Muonics, Inc.

Significant Changes

  • Minor cosmetic changes, such as moving the icon for the filter field in the toolbar into the entry itself and platform-specific improvements.
  • Several optimizations were made.
  • Converted all SNMP requests to use asynchronous APIs for more immediate stops and improved GUI feedback such as status bar messages.
  • Agent settings changes can now be canceled after pressing Ok without waiting for the initial request to time out.
  • Improved integration of toolbar buttons with tools, such that their states are appropriate to the activity of the selected tab and/or all tabs.
  • Pressing enter in the goto entry in the Tree View when the entry is blank now does nothing rather than displaying an error dialog.
  • Using the Goto entry on a branch that is already open will now gather data from the branch without having to collapse and re-expand.
  • Refactored several areas of code, dealing with tool interaction and implementation, towards eventual plugin support.
  • Object values are now formatted according to their DISPLAY-HINT (if any) so that, for example, UTF-8 strings should display the appropriate glyphs rather than hex.
  • Added TCP-MIB and UDP-MIB to the default set loaded at startup/installation.

Bug Fixes

  • Trap Watch tool was displaying duplicate values in the trap details from the variable bindings, where it should have been displaying row index values.
  • Clicking the refresh button in the Table View when no table had yet been scanned would result in an error.
  • An “unknown variable allVarsList” error could occur in the Tree View when using the Goto entry.

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