MIB Smithy 4.0.4 Release

March 13th, 2007 by Muonics, Inc.

Minor Changes

  • Documentation should now conform to XHTML 1.0 Strict rather than just HTML 4.0.1 Transitional.
  • SEQUENCE definitions for tables are now output where they usually appear in standard MIB modules, rather than at the top of the module with other type assignments.

Bug Fixes

  • Error “bad window path name” could occur when closing and re-opening SNMP Tools.
  • In the Syntax property window, selecting class filter “All” and module filter “– All –” did not show derived types in the “Primary Type” combobox.
  • Error ‘can’t read “shortName”: no such variable’ would occur in the Table View when trying to view a table where columns did not share a common prefix (e.g. due to indexes from other tables).

NOTE: Earlier versions of the Windows builds of our software products were built using MSVC6 and we have switched over to MSVC8 for improved C++ standards and STL support necessary for new features that are under development. Unfortunately the installer project files are not compatible between MSVC6 and MSVC8, requiring them to be recreated from scratch, and were issues with the automatic conversion of the other project files.

As a result, there was a problem with the initial Windows build for MIB Smithy Evaluation and MIB Smithy Standard (MIB Smithy Professional was unaffected), so if you had problems running 4.0.4, such as an error regarding the “smilib” package not being found, this should be fixed in the 4.0.4 build posted March 19th.

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