MIB Smithy SDK 3.4 Release

November 28th, 2005 by Muonics, Inc.

New Features

  • The “format” subcommand, available to both database and session commands, can be used to format received SNMP data for display using the DISPLAY-HINT, if any, or customizable formats for enumerated INTEGER and OBJECT IDENTIFIER values. These default formats can be configured per-database. The command is available to the TNM “mib” compatibility interface as well.
  • SNMP request variable bindings can now take enumerate names and name-and-number forms for enumerated INTEGER values to be included in the varbinds of the request. For example, you can now set a RowStatus object with the value “destroy” or “destroy(6)” in addition to just “6”.
  • Added a native SNMP Session “walk” command for performing Get-Next walks of subtrees or entire agents more simply than doing so manually with the “next” command. As with individual requests, asynchronous and synchronous forms are supported, as are session configuration overrides.
  • Numerous performance improvements were made, particularly for the SNMP layer’s interaction with its configured SMI database.
  • The SMI Database “dump” command can now take an optional channel name to which output is to be sent.
  • You can now get the current value for the SNMP Session’s -straps option using cget.
  • The SNMP Session “configure” command can now handle an extra layer of [list] wrapping around its arguments so that one can avoid the overhead of eval and quickly clone sessions using “$session new [$session configure]”.

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes

  • Received responses that don’t match pending requests are now just dropped, rather than triggering a background error. The background error would sometimes be triggered by cancelling an asynchronous request.
  • A lone % at the end of the TNM-style request callback string could lead to a crash.
  • The authKeyChange and privKeyChagne commands would crash if not given a salt using the -salt option.
  • Errors from TNM-style asynchronous walk callbacks were providing the extra non-pertinent information the background error messages.

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