MIB Smithy SDK 3.3.5 Release

September 12th, 2005 by Muonics, Inc.

New Features

  • Added the ability to configure SNMP sessions during creation by including the configure options in the “snmplib new” command.

Bugs fixed in this release:

  • SMI Database and SNMP Session commands now behave properly when renamed, including reflection in the “$db get” and “$session mpds” commands.
  • Secondary databases and sessions now take the form “smi” and “snmp” rather than “smilib#” and “snmplib#”. Using the pointer value for the hexstring allows for uniqueness without having to scan the list every time a session or database is created.
  • Changed error messages resulting from incorrect argument counts for commands to be of a somewhat more standard form. Also corrected some bugs in handling invalid arguments in some APIs.
  • The SNMP session “wait” command was causing the process to use up to 99% of the CPU load and now yields to the system properly when there are no events.
  • A missing break would cause incorrect results for Tnm snmp session’s “cget -transport” option. Added support for Tnm snmp session “cget -straps” option.
  • Tnm snmp session’s “configure” command, when given no arguments in order to return all current settings, returned an unscaled value for timeout (the SDK uses milliseconds, Tnm uses seconds).
  • snmplib bind without any arguments was returning the list of scripts for each bound event rather than the list of events that have scripts bound, as it should/is documented.
  • Tnm “mib info access” and “mib info status” included the internal-only value “undefined” in results.
  • The error given by Tnm “mib walk” with an unknown node name included the variable name in the error rather than the node name.
  • The Tcl_Obj for the default SMI database log channel did not have its reference count incremented initially, which could potentially lead to a crash.
  • The “snmplib mpds” and “snmp info” commands, which return lists of known SDK native and Tnm compatible SNMP sessions will now only return those sessions of the appropriate type. e.g., “snmplib mpds” will no longer list sessions created with the Tnm “snmp generator” command.
  • The snmpTrapOID parameter of the Tnm trap interface was not being included in the variable bindings for the trap.

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