MIB Smithy 1.0.1 Release

October 14th, 2002 by Muonics, Inc.

A number of minor issues in version 1.0 have been fixed in the 1.0.1 patch-level release made available for download this morning. If you had difficulties with the 1.0 evaluation (on Windows platforms in particular), we recommend trying the new version.

Significant Changes:

  • (Windows) Fixed problems handling DOS format (CR/LF) files that could result in parse errors.
  • Duplicate/phantom files/directories in Files tree of Project Panel removed.
  • (Windows) system/hidden files are now hidden from the Files tree.
  • (Demo) Fixed “can’t read hWndTop” error that would occur when attempting to save files (which should have displayed a “Feature not available in demo” message)
  • Added UNITS property to the OBJECT-TYPE Workspace, General Page.
  • Removed “View as Text” menu option from Files tree and DISPLAY-HINT “test” button/entry in TEXTUAL-CONVENTION Workspace (temporarily). These are features that are under development and should not have been visible in the 1.0 release.
  • Opening/Saving files now remembers the directory the file was in so you will not have to navigate back to the last directory to open/save another file in that same directory.
  • In certain rare cases (having two MIBs loaded having records of the same name/OID and applying changes to one of them), the record could be relocated to the top of the OID tree as it appears in the Browser page of the Project Panel. Though it still had the correct OID value, the duplicate was causing the internal index to not update properly.

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