MIB Smithy 3.1 and SDK 3.1 Release

November 18th, 2004 by Muonics, Inc.

Significant Changes (MIB Smithy)

  • Support for the MacOS X (Aqua) platform has been added.
  • License key detection is smarter and license keys are easier to install.
  • A Reorder Subtree feature is available in the Edit menu and Project Tree context menu for record types with OID values and children (such as a branch or a table row). This allows you to quickly adjust the order of the child nodes (such as columns) without needing to edit each record individually.
  • Toolbar buttons use a smaller font in the “Text & Image” view setting for better usability on lower resolution displays.
  • On MacOS X, Control-Left-Click can be used in lieu of Right-Click in the Project Tree to display the context menu.

Significant Changes (MIB Smithy SDK)

  • Support for the MacOS X (Aqua) platform has been added.
  • License key detection is smarter and license keys are easier to install.
  • New memory management in the MIB parser and database requires less memory and fewer allocations/copies improves loading speed by 15 – 20%.
  • Added support for Scotty’s nmtrapd/straps daemon for receiving traps on port 162 without requiring root privileges on Unix. An optional replacement for the daemon is included that provides more configurability and is compatible with both. (See installation instructions)
  • Parser error/warning messages regarding use of DESCRIPTION clauses in OBJECT-TYPEs from RFC1065-SMI and RFC1155-SMI are now suppressed if the clause is non-empty, to avoid redundancy with the warning generated during validation. Empty DESCRIPTION clauses, which did not generate messages during validation for these SMI versions, will still be generated.
  • The parser now gives an error message if an ACCESS keyword is unrecognized and indicates the correction made, rather than correcting them silently.
  • Some OBJECT-TYPE warning/error messages generated by the parser after it has been fully parsed (such as with unexpected clauses) are now generated more directly so the “last token read” information is more appropriate.

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes (MIB Smithy SDK)

  • Setting the range for an object/typedef and including both minimum and maximum values that are equal will join them into one to prevent compiler errors.
  • The incorrect error/warning messages generated for OBJECT-TYPEs lacking DESCRIPTION clauses when imported from RFC-1212, in which they are optional, have been removed.
  • The oidcmp function’s -limit mode gave incorrect results if the limit was one less than the shortest of the two OIDs.

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