MIB Smithy 3.0.1 and SDK 3.0.1 Release

July 28th, 2004 by Muonics, Inc.

Significant Changes (MIB Smithy)

  • The “smicheck” command line tool has a new -I option for specifying directories that should be automatically scanned for dependencies based on a module’s imports. Unlike the -M option, only those files that are required will be loaded and they won’t be validated directly, instead being used to more thoroughly validate the importing module(s).
  • Menus whose functions are the same as those on the toolbar now display icons matching those in the toolbar.- (3.0.1 Core/SDK) Added support for most of the tnm array variables when using the Scotty compatibility package.

Significant Changes (MIB Smithy SDK)

  • Made SNMP version keywords for Scotty session configuration case insensitive.
  • Scotty compatibility package(s) will attempt to locate the MIB Smithy license key if the SMITHY_LICENSE_FILE environment variable is not set.
  • Added SNMP session “wait” command for waiting for all or a particular pending request to time out or receive a response.

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes (MIB Smithy SDK)

  • An internal flag was not being set for some of the Scotty-style SNMP request interfaces, resulting in the SDK’s normal callback form being used where Scotty-style % substitution should be.
  • Improved compatibility with Scotty 2.x by only adding module name to identifiers (as returned by e.g. ‘mib name’) if emulating 3.0.

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