MIB Smithy 2.4.9 and SDK 2.4.9 Release

May 17th, 2004 by Muonics, Inc.

Bug Fixes (MIB Smithy)

  • An error could occur when copying a variation record due the above in addition to an incorrect option being specified.
  • XML output was not being encoded in UTF-8, which (due to the lack of encoding specification in the header) could render the output invalid if non-UTF-8 characters were in comments. The output is now encoded in UTF-8 and UTF-8 is specified as the encoding in the header (just in case, since it is the default).

Bug Fixes (MIB Smithy SDK)

  • Setting a variation’s WRITE-SYNTAX property (-write-syntax) was taking its value from the -syntax option instead, deleting it if -syntax wasn’t specified.
  • Querying a variation’s -syntaxdecl or -write-syntaxdecl properties, when none was configured, would return ‘syntax “”‘ rather than an empty string as specified in the documentation.

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