MIB Smithy 2.4.7 and SDK 2.4.7 Release

April 8th, 2004 by Muonics, Inc.

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes (MIB Smithy)

  • An error could occur when adding a symbol with OID to a module’s imports list when that symbol was the first to be added.

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes (MIB Smithy SDK)

  • The “snmplib cget -localport” result was not being converted to host byte order before returning the configured value, which would report a different value than actually configured on some platforms.
  • Using OIDs in the imports to disambiguate module references could result in a crash on exit or removing the module due to a doubly-freed pointer resulting from earlier parser changes.
  • The warning/sometimes error regarding index objects that may cause an instance’s OID to exceed 128 subidentifiers is now always a warning.

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