MIB Smithy 2.4 and SDK 2.4 Release

December 15th, 2003 by Muonics, Inc.

Significant Changes (MIB Smithy)

  • In addition to previewing an entire file or module, individual records (and pseudo-records such as variations) can now be previewed alone using the same menus/etc.
  • In addition to SMI and XML format, records can now be previewed in MOSY format (the default format that MIB Smithy compiles to).
  • Tagged types, type assignments using types other than those supported by SNMP, and other “base types” defined by SNMPv2-SMI and RFC1155-SMI are no longer included in the MOSY output, as these could pose compatibility issues (the “real” MOSY does not output these types).
  • Double-clicking on a compiler error/warning message generated during validation will now open the record referenced by the message.
  • Added ability to drag-and-drop records in the Project Tree to copy and move them around, including between different files/modules.
  • Added mouse wheel support to the various graphical trees (MIB Browser, Project Tree, Files Tree).
  • Added a right-click menu for the project file (top-most item) in the Project Tree of the GUI.
  • Added a “Save Project As” File menu item so that projects that already have a file name can be saved to a new file name.
  • Enabled undo/redo (Ctrl-Z/Ctrl-Y) capabilities for multi-line text fields (for record properties such as description, the SNMP Query tool, etc.)
  • Multi-line tooltips (aka balloon help) are now left-justified instead of being centered.
  • Added built-in text file editor that’s integrated with the Compiler Log and the Files Tree. Double-clicking on an error message (such as a parse error) encountered during a MIB load launches the text editor so that the error can be corrected and the MIB reloaded. Files can be edited in this way directly by selecting “Edit as Text” from the right-click menu in the Files Tree.
  • LAST-UPDATED and REVISION time stamp fields in the MODULE-IDENITTY workspace now have a button that can be pressed to bring up a calendar to more easily specify times without knowledge of the ExtUTCTime format.
  • The Notification, Object Group and Notification Group workspaces’ member lists have added a “Choose” button (with the Add/Remove buttons). Invoking this button brings up a dialog listing all of the available records with the ability to select or deselect multiple members, as an alternative to entering or selecting/adding each member individually from the combobox/entry field of the appropriate page.
  • Added Move Up/Down buttons to the Index property page for altering the order of indexes (i.e., the sort order of the table definition).
  • Made minor cosmetic changes to several list related properties for consistency with other areas of the GUI (some still remain to be changed–mainly multi-column lists).
  • Added a pop-up calendar interface for REVISION/LAST-UPDATED time stamps.

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes (MIB Smithy)

  • The pop-up menu for compliance groups and variations in the Project Tree was that of the conformance module instead of the selected record.
  • The Index property’s combobox did not list any objects and now does.
  • Corrected error that could occur deleting some pseudo records (i.e. subrecords of conformance statements) from the conformance statement’s workspace.

Significant Changes (MIB Smithy SDK)

  • Newly created records such as objects and groups, that are created without an OID value given, now default to 0.0 rather than having no value. Further, it is no longer possible to delete the value, only change it – assigning an empty string sets the value to 0.0.
  • Conformance Modules, Compliance Groups and Variations no longer require a name to be specified upon creation. These records, like others, can be created with an auto-assigned name.
  • Added a parser catch/auto-correction for illegal whitespace in the ::= (CCEQU) symbol used for various assignments etc.
  • Removed “DESCRIPTION field is present but empty” parser warning, since a similar warning is generated during validation, making the parser warning redundant.
  • Added specific compiler errors for defining or importing the ccitt, iso or joint-iso-ccitt root nodes, removing the “ambiguous” warning that implied they were defined in another module with no name.
  • Added a “-idlist” option to the SNMP Session “pending” subcommand that, when specified, returns a list of unique IDs for the outstanding requests rather than the total count. For completeness, a “-count” option was also added, which just behaves the same as if no option was specified.
  • Added an SNMP Session “cancel” subcommand that, given one or more unique IDs returned by a non-blocking request calls (or “pending -idlist”), causes those request to stop waiting for a response or timeout and invoke the callback with status “cancelled”.
  • Modified the parser to be able to recover from records defined with invalid capitalization of the first letter of their identifiers.
  • The “Identifier” and “TypeReference” parser token names have been renamed to more general “LCIdentifier” and “UCIdentifier”, respectively, which should hopefully be somewhat clearer (one begins with a lowercase letter and the other begins with an uppercase letter).
  • Clarified the warning that is generated for records that “register” OIDs (e.g. OBJECT-TYPEs, NOTIFICATION-TYPEs, etc.) when a non-registering OID value assignment has the same value.
  • Parse error messages no longer use internal keywords for symbols, but rather the symbol its self (e.g. “::=” instead of “CCEQU”).
  • Clarified error messages regarding the positioning of the MODULE-IDENTITY statement to make it clearer that it comes after the IMPORTS section rather than the IMPORTS keyword.
  • All identifier-like tokens except “FROM” (including reserved keywords) are now treated by the parser as normal identifiers in the IMPORTS and EXPORTS sections. This allows checking to be postponed until the validation stage, rather than generating a parse error, if a module imports “INTEGER” for example.
  • A warning is no longer issued regarding one of the root OID tree symbols being defined locally and imported, as this is redundant with the error generated for the import.

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes (MIB Smithy SDK)

  • Corrected error configuring object indexes with the IMPLIED keyword enabled.

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