MIB Smithy 2.2.3 and SDK 2.2.3 Release

July 29th, 2003 by Muonics, Inc.

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes (MIB Smithy)

  • An “unknown variable” and similar error could occur when attempting to commit changes to a notification group or conformance module due to typos.
  • An error could occur when attempting to save using the save button on the toolbar.
  • Module Compliance workspace lacked a description property.
  • Corrected recently-introduced issue with OCTET STRING and OBJECT IDENTIFIER being wrapped in braces in XML output.
  • Errors could occur in certain circumstances after deleting records or closing projects due to selection bugs with the project tree (e.g., if the last typedef record in a module was deleted an error could occur due to the “Type Assignments” folder no longer existing despite being selected).

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes (MIB Smithy SDK)

  • Fixed reversed enumeration/bit label/value difference error messages and “” that was being printed with the first label/value in such. Clarified messages to indicate referenced type or referenced object according to the type of record being validated (e.g. variation versus object) where previously it always said “derived-from type”.
  • Clarified duplicate record name warnings so that they provide more specific information about the location of the duplicate.
  • Corrected “option not supported yet” error using the -messageid option when sending SNMP requests.
  • The “oidcmp” function could sometimes stop prematurely, returning 0 where it should have returned a non-zero result.
  • SNMPv1 trap processing was incorrectly indicating a coldStart trap for other standard/”well-known” traps due to an error in the translation to SNMPv2 style parameters.
  • Sending an SNMPv1 trap with sysUpTime in the variable bindings could result in an error indicating an incorrect type despite being specified as TimeTicks.
  • The object group’s “set” property was not accepting the -oid and -valuedecl synonyms for -value, which would result in an “unsupported” Tcl error using those options.

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