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March 21st, 2007 by Michael Kirkham

If you’ve been here before, chances are you notice the Muonics web site has just gone through a major face lift, which I’ve been working on for several weeks. There are still a few CSS issues to take care of (mostly IE6’s bugs to workaround), but much of the site is now generated XHTML with all “appearance” stuff (of which there was still some in the old HTML) moved to CSS (most pages should pass as XHTML 1.1 Strict). If you see any problems, do please let me know either by posting a comment or sending email to support.

The new design and implementation will allow for a number of future improvements that are planned, as well as improving accessibility, manageability, and improve communication.

You’ll notice that this announcement appears in a new blog, and all of the prior news items have been migrated into the blog system. One of the problems with the old systems was they were somewhat thrown together years ago and never really finished to make submissions easy (many announcements were entered directly into the database, if you can believe it), or adapted to new technologies like RSS feeds. Consequently, it was a pain to (for example) announce new releases, and most of the release notes had to be converted from RTF before manually posting to a product’s “What’s New” page. Due to the pain and time constraints, and need to announce in several places, sometimes releases would only be quietly announced, if at all.

I’ll be moving release notes from all of the releases into the blog, so don’t be surprised if you start seeing announcements back-dated into the past. In the future, release notices will be posted to the blog.

There are three feeds available:

  • News includes all items under the “News” category. General announcements, notices, press releases, and the like.
  • Articles includes everything not under the “News” category. At the moment, this is empty, but I plan to start posting tips, tutorials, and other information about using Muonics products and related technologies (I might even blog a bit about how this new site was constructed).
  • News & Articles is a combined feed including both of the above (in other words, all categories).

I hope you like the new site, and I look forward to feedback!

Michael Kirkham, President & CEO

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