MIB Views 1.8 Released

July 21st, 2012 by Michael Kirkham

MIB Views 1.8 is now available for download. This release includes the following changes:

2340: Create new screen shots

Documentation has been updated with new screen shots. Larger screen shots have been scaled down with links to full-sized images.

4788: SNMP Query Tool: Adjustable panel size

The relative size of the Value entry area and the Variable List area of the SNMP Query tool can now be adjusted. At smaller application window sizes, the Value entry area could become obscured and unusable, and this is an interim solution. (Longer-term plan is to redesign this tool to be more spread-sheet like, allowing data entry directly in the Variable List.)

3174: TDomain/TAddress formatting in tools

Provided the appropriate MIBs are loaded, the various SNMP tools in MIB Views will now detect TDomain/TAddress object pairs and format the TAddress value according to the associated TDomain value (e.g. if the TDomain is snmpUDPDomain, then the TAddress will be formatted according to the SnmpUDPAddress DISPLAY-HINT). Previously the TAddress was displayed in hex, as with other unknown OCTET STRINGs.

4754: Trap Watch: Add support for SNMPv3 auth/priv informs

With support for receiving SNMPv3 auth/priv informs added in MIB Smithy SDK, the Trap Watch tool in MIB Views now supports these as well. The Trap Settings dialog that comes up to configure the listening port now has addition fields for specifying a user name, auth/priv passwords and protocols, and local snmpEngineID.

388: New right-click pop-up menu in Tree View

Added popup menu to Tree View with refresh command and commands to open other tools with selected item, as well as entries in Tools menu to raise each tool’s tab.

1226: Add corner sizegrip to toplevels

The Windows and Unix versions now have size grips in the lower right corner of some windows if they’re resizable. The Mac version already displayed these.

644: Walk column headers not highlighted until refocus

On Mac OS X, the table column header that’s active for sorting normally displays a blue background. But in some cases the header would not show blue until window lost and regained focus.

641: Artifacts in Tree View

On Unix, expanding and collapsing branches in the Tree View could sometimes leave artifacts of what was previously displayed that would remain until the window was resized, forcing a full re-display. This was fixed with a newer version the control it’s built with.

4572: can’t read “tail”: no such variable error when add mib fails

A “no such variable error” error could occur when attempting to add a MIB if it was unsuccessful. This has been fixed.

The following changes from MIB Smithy SDK are also applicable to MIB Views:

4758: Recursive OID assignments can cause hang

In some cases, two OID assignments that were defined as subnodes of each other could cause an infinite loop during MIB validation. Measures were implemented to fix the cases where this could still occur.

4392: Startup crash when no physical interfaces are detectable

When no ethernet interfaces were detectable, a bad pointer when generating the message about needing a license key (that includes the list of Host IDs) could lead to a crash or corrupted error message at startup.

4393: Windows: Startup crash obtaining Host IDs under Windows 7

A buffer overrun could lead to a crash at startup when using using one of the fallback methods to obtain the list of available Host IDs (particularly, but not necessarily, under Windows 7).

4187: Duplicate sysUpTime or snmpTrapOID in translated v1 traps

The SDK translates received SNMPv1 traps into SNMPv2 format by converting the v1 trap fields into into snmpTrapOID and sysUpTime varbinds. However, if the sending agent included varbinds with these OIDs already (e.g. due to translation by proxy along the way) then multiples of these varbinds could appear. The received varbinds are now discarded in favor of the ones generated by the SDK’s translation.

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