MIB Views 1.6 Released: SNMPv3 AES Support Added

June 2nd, 2010 by Michael Kirkham

MIB Views 1.6 incorporates the following changes from MIB Smithy SDK 4.1, plus other changes to add AES support and several usability enhancements:

266: Add AES support to SNMPv3/USM

SNMPv3 and USM support now includes encryption using AES with 128-bit keys and Cipher Feedback Mode (RFC 3826). The privacy protocol is available under the name “AES128/CFB”.

2514: Add User Name to license message/dialog

The license dialog will now display your user name as the software sees it, to aid in generating user-based license keys.

2490: CBC-DES privacy protocol renamed to DES/CBC

The privacy protocol name “CBC-DES” was renamed to “DES/CBC” to align with “AES128/CFB” and better emphasize the encryption algorithm over the mode.

2515: Assertion failure validating undefined AUGMENTS

The application could terminate unexpectedly during MIB validation with an assertion failure when an AUGMENTS reference could not be resolved.

2550: Case insensitive matching for user-based licenses

User names are no longer case sensitive in the license keys, so a license should work despite differences in capitalization.

391: Table View: show subids for unparseable instance identifiers

The Table View now shows an extra column containing instance subidentifiers for a row if the index values can’t be parsed (either because of MIB errors or invalid instances), rather than empty index columns.

519: Add sorting to file list in Add/Remove MIBs dialog

The list of files in the Add/Remove MIBs dialog can now be sorted by clicking on the column header.

1302: Mask SNMP auth/priv password fields

The Agent Settings dialog now has a checkbox that can enable or disable masking of SNMPv3 auth/priv passwords in the dialog, which were previously always visible. Masking is now enabled by default.

916: Add event number column to trap watch

The Trap Watch tool has a new column giving a sequential notification number (starting at 1, and reset to 1 when the log is cleared).

895: Limits on timeout/retries in Agent Settings dialog

Entering very large values for timeout and retries in the Agent Settings dialog could result in an error or the calculated total time appearing negative.

2516: Enum labels not shown when defined in the OBJECT-TYPE

Enumerated OBJECT-TYPE values were shown only as an integer if the enumerations were defined directly in the OBJECT-TYPE (rather than through a TEXTUAL-CONVENTION). Both the label and number are now printed regardless of how they’re defined.

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