MIB Smithy SDK 4.1 Released: SNMPv3 AES Support Added

May 6th, 2010 by Michael Kirkham

The following changes are available in in MIB Smithy SDK 4.1:

266: Add AES support to SNMPv3/USM

SNMPv3 and USM support now includes encryption using AES with 128-bit keys and Cipher Feedback Mode (RFC 3826). The privacy protocol is available under the name “AES128/CFB”.

2514: Add User Name to license message/dialog

The license dialog will now display your user name as the software sees it, to aid in generating user-based license keys.

2490: CBC-DES privacy protocol renamed to DES/CBC

The privacy protocol name “CBC-DES” was renamed to “DES/CBC” to align with “AES128/CFB” and better emphasize the encryption algorithm over the mode (particularly as a GUI selection). “CBC-DES” remains for backwards compatibility. “DES” was previously available as shorthand, but this option was removed since it will automatically match “DES/CBC”.

2515: Assertion failure validating undefined AUGMENTS

The SDK could terminate unexpectedly during validation with an assertion failure when an AUGMENTS reference could not be resolved.

2550: Case insensitive matching for user-based licenses

User names are no longer case sensitive in the license keys, so a license should work despite differences in capitalization.

2489: Correction to tnm $session info security results

The Tnm wrapper “$session info security” should return a list of supported security levels/protocols. However, it was including md5/des when it shouldn’t (i.e., in the demo where DES is unsupported), and wasn’t including sha/des when it should.

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