MIB Smithy Passes CA-2002-03 Vulnerability Tests

June 1st, 2003 by Muonics, Inc.

Muonics added SNMP management-role (request originator) capabilities to its MIB Smithy series of products starting with version 2.0. Notification (trap/inform) processing was added in version 2.1 (the current version as of this report). Neither version supports agent-role (request processor) capabilities at this time. However, all PDU types are fully parsed by both versions, including requests, before unsupported PDU types are discarded by the dispatcher layer.

Both versions of MIB Smithy SDK, from which all of the MIB Smithy series are derived, have been fully tested with all four of the PROTOS c06-SNMPv1 Test Suites. Version 2.0 binds to any available port for sending requests and receiving responses. Since this was not conducive to testing, a special build was required, with the only difference from the official 2.0 release being a hard-coded binding to ports 161 and 162 as appropriate. Version 2.1 allows configuration of a bind port for receiving notifications, so it was not an issue for that version.

After running the full series of tests we found both versions to behave as expected, with no signs of failure. We have thus concluded that Muonics’ past and current product versions are not susceptible to the security vulnerabilities associated with CA-2002-03.

VU#107186 – Not Vulnerable
VU#854306 – Not Vulnerable

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