MIB Smithy SDK for Application Developers

March 8th, 2010 by Michael Kirkham

Wanted to use MIB Smithy SDK to develop Tcl/Tk based SNMP applications you can distribute to your customers but User-Based and Host-Based Licensing made that infeasible? There’s an option for that now with the MIB Smithy SDK Developer License (or MIB Smithy SDK “Embedded Edition”).

MIB Smithy SDK Embedded provides all the same features as a regular license for MIB Smithy SDK, but is a special build and Developer License Agreement. Each Developer License grants a single developer a royalty-free license to embed the SDK and distribute it as an integral component of the developer’s applications, and includes a Single User or Single Host License for the normal SDK to use for development and internal use.

When you purchase online or by purchase order, a license and download permissions for both will be added to your account. The Developer License Redistributables available from the Downloads page contains only the files necessary for redistribution so you don’t have the overhead of downloading MIB modules and documentation bundled with the SDK twice.

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