Muonics Releases MIB Smithy 2.0 With XML, SNMP Tools, Custom Compiler Formats

May 1st, 2003 by Muonics, Inc.

Santa Cruz, CA. — (MARKET WIRE) — 05/01/2003 — Muonics this week announced the release version 2.0 of MIB Smithy, a software product for Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) developers, Management Information Base (MIB) designers and internet-draft authors providing a Visual GUI-based environment for designing, editing and compiling MIB modules according to the SMIv1 and SMIv2 (Structure of Management Information) standards.

Version 2.0 is a major release that adds the most sought after features requested by users and by hundreds of survey-takers. Two new editions are also available as of this release: MIB Smithy Standard and MIB Smithy SDK. All current users have been upgraded to MIB Smithy 2.0 Professional Edition at no charge, and MIB Smithy Professional remains available at the same price as before.

Significant new features include:

  • New MIB Browser, SNMP Walk, SNMP Query and Table View SNMP Management Tools.
  • SNMPv1, SNMPv2c and SNMPv3 support with MD5/SHA authentication and DES privacy.
  • XML support using an extensive XML Schema developed by Muonics.
  • New Project Management features.
  • An exposed core library for scripting custom SMI conversion and SNMP operations in Tcl, either standalone, or integrated into the MIB Smithy Professional environment.

“The XML Schema now developed by Muonics is much more extensive and complete than earlier DTD proposals implemented by a few similar products,” said Michael Kirkham, MIB Smithy’s developer. “With all information preserved in XML, and with the SDK, users have not one but two options available to specify custom conversions and compiler output to generate anything from simple object lists to source code for third-party agent development libraries.” Muonics welcomes contact from vendors of management applications and libraries who are interested in integrated support for their tools in MIB Smithy.

MIB Smithy Standard Edition is intended for users with tighter budgets and who don’t need all of the custom compiler format or scripting capabilities of MIB Smithy Professional, which includes MIB Smithy SDK and the ability to import XML files in addition to XML Export provided by Standard. MIB Smithy SDK, based on the MIB Smithy core, is a dynamic extension to Tcl/Tk for developing SNMP management scripts and SMI conversion tools external to the MIB Smithy environment.

MIB Smithy is available for Windows, FreeBSD, Linux and Solaris platforms. Product and licensing information can be obtained at the Muonics web site or by email to sales at muonics.com. An evaluation version can be downloaded from the site.

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