MIB Smithy 4.2 and MIB Views 1.5 Released

March 5th, 2010 by Michael Kirkham

MIB Smithy 4.2 and MIB Views 1.5 are now available. These releases are based on MIB Smithy SDK 4.0, adding IPv6 support, Linux x86_64 support, a username-based licensing option, and many MIB compiler improvements (a full list can be found in the MIB Smithy SDK 4.0 Release Announcement, which also describes changes to supported platforms that apply to these releases as well).

The format used specify OCTET STRING values in hex in the SNMP Query Tool and Agent Settings dialog has changed, in keeping with SDK 4.0’s changes to binary data handling. Instead of prefixing the value with 0x, as in 0x:12:ab:cd, you surround the value in single quotes, as in '12:ab:cd'. However, you can now suppress conversion from hex, treating the value as a literal string (with quotes) by surrounding the value in another pair of single quotes, as in ''12:ab:cd''. Essentially, any string value with surrounding single quotes will have one set of quotes stripped off; if, after stripping, the value looks like colon-delimited hex (without quotes), hex conversion will occur.

Although these releases don’t do much beyond what SDK 4.0 brings, it’s still a significant milestone. Now that MIB Smithy and MIB Views are up to the new SDK version, the holds on new features are lifted, so I can get back to tackling my sizable wish list for these products. First, though, I’ll be working on getting the web site updated to support generating the new username-based license keys and providing access to the Linux x86_64 platform (x86_64 won’t be treated as a unique platform from x86 as far as purchasing and license keys are concerned, but it is a different build/distribution, and the systems aren’t set up yet to handle two different files for a single platform+version).

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