MIB Smithy 1.6 Release

April 13th, 2003 by Muonics, Inc.

Version 1.6 of MIB Smithy adds a number of extensions to the MOSY compiler format – some supported by other compilers and some not – to provide more complete information from the compiled MIB module. A complete specification for the new format is now available in the User’s Guide in the Muonics web site. Also included are a number of outstanding bugs that have been fixed in version 2.0 (which is currently in beta) that we felt warranted an interim release.

As always, your feedback is important in determining changes and fixes that will be made in coming releases. If you have questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Significant Changes

  • Added a number of extensions to the MOSY output format for specifying imports, group/notification members, and details from MODULE-COMPLIANCE and AGENT-CAPABILTIIES statements (including variation details). Extensions are prefixed by the comment sequence so-as to be ignored by non-supporting implementations. See http://www.muonics.com/Docs/mosy.php for a complete specification.
  • Compiler now keeps better track of error/warning messages that have been logged while validating a module so that duplicate messages and inflated error/warning counts are avoided.
  • Corrected maximize/minimize behavior from the Window menu for Unix platforms.
  • Fixed the “Modify” button in the Imports property page of the module workspace that was no longer functioning after the version 1.5 changes to support multiple imports of the same symbol from different modules.
  • Corrected a race condition in garbage collection during internal reindexing that could result in a crash when creating certain types of records from the GUI.
  • Corrected a problem introduced in version 1.5 whereby some records were only preserving the first of a list of members (such as an OBJECT-GROUP’s object list).
  • The algorithm for shifting around comments for enumerations was sometimes causing the first to have a concatenated copy of the comments for subsequent enumerations.
  • Warnings are no longer issued for a list of enumerations that contain negative values or the value 0 if the record being validated is a variation. Such warnings are still issued for objects and type definitions.
  • Corrected potential errors that could occur if a status bar were destroyed before a displayed temporary message reset. (This most likely only affected the SNMP tools, which were not available prior to this release, so probably was rarely, if ever, observed.)
  • The MOSY output format for textual conventions was using the “%er” code, used for object-type ranges, instead of the “%es” code for textual convention ranges.
  • An ‘unknown variable’ error could occur when importing MOSY .defs files containing trap definitions due to a typographical error.
  • The TRAP-TYPE’s ENTERPRISE field was not being generated unless the trap defined a list of included objects (i.e., VARIABLES field non-empty).
  • A false error or warning message could be generated when validating TRAP-TYPE values. These issues have been corrected.
  • A couple of the underlined hotkey characters in the File menu were shared by multiple items. They should now all be unique.
  • Corrected potential errors that could occur when generating certain elements of OBJECT-TYPE when imported from RFC 1212.

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