MIB Smithy 1.3 Release

December 23rd, 2002 by Muonics, Inc.

Significant Changes:

  • Detect and report missing object identifier values (as might occur if a record is created but no OID is assigned) when loading MIB modules.
  • Additional checks/automatic corrections to IMPORTS upon output generation to make sure that each module is listed only once, and symbols are unique, where might not already be automatically corrected in some cases.
  • Corrected additional geometry manager conflicts that could cause hanging crashes. Added failsafe to perform a clean shutdown if any more conflicts of this type exist.
  • Fixed Tcl error upon right-clicking on a file in the Files tab of the Project Panel.
  • Fixed “path does not exist” Tcl error creating modules.
  • Corrected false error report on missing INDEX clause when AUGMENTS is used, introduced in 1.2 when these were split internally into separate properties.
  • Corrected false warning on missing SIZE constraint for OCTET STRING types, intorudced in 1.2 when size and range were split internally into separate properties for SIZE keyword preservation.
  • Corrected “can’t read “db”: no such variable” error that could occur when closing a project or opening a file as a new project.

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