MIB Smithy 4.1.1 and SDK 3.4.5 Release

November 12th, 2008 by Muonics, Inc.

MIB Smithy 4.1.1 and MIB Smithy SDK 3.4.5 are now available. The majority of these changes parallel those of MIB Views 1.4.1, plus a number of bug fixes for the XML-SMI parser uncovered while putting together a full regression test suite for it.

Changes affecting MIB Smithy

482: Updated Tcl/Tk version

The Tcl/Tk base for MIB Views was upgraded to 8.4.19. Among other things, this fixes a crash at startup on later versions of Mac OS X.

606: Application icons for Unix

Full-color application icons have been added to Unix platforms, replacing the old monochrome bitmaps.

1272: TreeView: lexicographic errors can cause loop

In certain circumstances, an agent returning lexicographically incorrect responses to get-next requests could cause branch expansion to loop until a user requested stop, and duplicate branches could be displayed. More protections against lexicographic errors were added to prevent this.

Changes affecting MIB Smithy and MIB Smithy SDK

1130: XMLSMI: some binary strings not formatted correctly

In some cases, using the ‘bstring’ integer format attribute would result in the binary value not being quoted/suffixed properly (e.g. ‘B’00001011 instead of ‘00001011’B).

1133: XMLSMI: capability variation parse error

A “variation element unexpected or unrecognized” error would occur due to attempting to parse the wrong element when parsing AGENT-CAPABILITIES variations.

1159: XMLSMI: piberrors should be parsed as enum list

The piberrors element was being parsed as a value reference, rather than an enumeration list. This was fixed previously for the SMI parser and in the schema and database APIs, but not in the XML parser.

1124: XMLSMI: oid child element doesn’t work in some places

Using the oid element to define a defval or index with an OID value rather than an identifier or with importsfrom to disambiguate imported modules resulted in a parse error.

1137: XMLSMI: wrong size/range using min or max attribute only

When using the size or range element with only the min or max attribute, the other was defaulting to 0 rather than defaulting to the same value.

1138: XMLSMI: syntax tag element’s ‘implicit’ attribute not preserved

The implicit attribute of the syntax tag element was not being checked or preserved by the XML parser. This would generally only affect SMI base modules represented as XML, not MIB/PIB modules.

1146: XMLSMI: text wrapping issues on load

Newlines were being collapsed in places they shouldn’t when parsing MixedText fields like description, resulting in (for example) <pre> not being preformatted.

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