MIB Smithy 4.0.8 Release

February 29th, 2008 by Muonics, Inc.

MIB Smithy 4.0.8 provides bug fixes for the following issues:

  • The right-click popup menu in the Project Tree will no longer show for Type/Value Assignment virtual folders as it was actually showing the menu for the module. Consequently, selecting “Remove” would remove the module, rather than all Type/Value Assignments as one might expect.
  • A “record search string is ambiguous” error would occur when sorting OIDs for generating some output formats if the name assigned to one of those OIDs was also used in another module.
  • An “invalid command name” error could occur when trying to show the calendar popup for REVISION and LAST-UPDATED timestamps due to a trace not being removed after the popup is hidden.
  • Removed conversion of spaces to HTML entities in help file:// URLs under Windows to prevent errors launching help when MSIE 7 is the default browser.

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