MIB Smithy 1.1.1 Release

November 26th, 2002 by Muonics, Inc.

A patch-level release of MIB Smithy is now available for download. Version 1.1.1 of MIB Smithy fixes the main “known issues” with MIB Smithy 1.1 — primarily handling of comments and preservation of SIZE keyword in character string refinements.


  • Variations now use two tabs for SYNTAX and WRITE-SYNTAX, with range, size and enumerations as sub-properties as in the SYNTAX tab for object/type assignments, rather than separate pages for each type of read/write refinement. This change was made for UI consistency, as well as to fix an issue whereby the General tab produced redundant properties.
  • DESCRIPTION field for variations has been moved to the General tab to save space.

Bug Fixes:

  • Parser now associates comments with each token read and assembles them back up the parse tree, rather than buffering them separately, so that comments should be associated with the correct record.
  • Size/Range properties are now separate, allowing for checking of expected/unexpected SIZE keyword, and preservation of SIZE keyword in generated MIBs where the base type is unavailable due to unloaded dependencies.
  • Fixed path setup issue in Unix version’s smithy.sh script that could cause the license key file to not be located depending on how the script was invoked.

Contact support if you have any questions or comments about this release.

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