Muonics Releases MIB Smithy 1.1 Visual MIB Design Software

November 18th, 2002 by Muonics, Inc.

Santa Cruz, CA. — (INTERNET WIRE) — 11/18/2002 — Muonics today announced the release version 1.1 of its MIB Smithy software product. MIB Smithy is a software product for Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) developers, Management Information Base (MIB) designers and internet-draft authors providing a Visual GUI-based environment for designing, editing and compiling MIB modules according to the SMIv1 and SMIv2 (Structure of Management Information) standards.

Version 1.1 adds significant new MIB validation capabilities, including over 500 checks for SMI compliance, “best common practice” design, and potential issues that may limit compatibility with some MIB compilers.

“Many MIB compilers tend towards being either too inflexible or too lax in their validation, often reporting a vague ‘syntax error’ with a line number, or not noticing and reporting the error at all,” says MIB Smithy author Michael Kirkham. “This leads to interoperability problems when trying to use an authored MIB module with other MIB compilers.”

Once loaded, MIB Smithy can validate each module, crosscheck dependencies on other modules, and report the full contextual name with problem description and/or suggested corrections for any definition in error. MIB Smithy will also warn the user about areas of technically valid SMI known to be unsupported or problematic for some compilers.

“Users can now both design their modules within the environment, and be sure that they are complete and compatible with their customers’ SNMP libraries and applications,” says Kirkham.

The new version also contains improved SMI conversion capabilities, ability to automatically correct a wider variety of common errors, and a small set of bug fixes, and is available at no charge to licensed users.

MIB Smithy is available for Windows, FreeBSD, Linux and Solaris platforms. Product and licensing information can be obtained at the Muonics web site at http://www.muonics.com/ or by email to sales@muonics.com. An evaluation version can also be downloaded from the site.

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