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RFC7953 - Calendar Availability
This document specifies a new iCalendar (RFC 5545) component that allows the publication of available and unavailable time periods associated with a calendar user. This component can be used in standard iCalendar free-busy lookups, including the iCalendar Transport-independent Interoperability Protocol (iTIP; RFC 5546) free-busy requests, to generate repeating blocks of available or busy time with exceptions as needed.
This document also defines extensions to the Calendaring Extensions to WebDAV (CalDAV) calendar access protocol (RFC 4791) and the associated scheduling protocol (RFC 6638) to specify how this new calendar component can be used when evaluating free-busy time.
RFC7986 - New Properties for iCalendar
This document defines a set of new properties for iCalendar data and extends the use of some existing properties to the entire iCalendar object.
RFC8607 - Calendaring Extensions to WebDAV (CalDAV): Managed Attachments
This specification adds an extension to the Calendaring Extensions to WebDAV (CalDAV) to allow attachments associated with iCalendar data to be stored and managed on the server.
This specification documents existing code deployed by multiple vendors. It is published as an Informational specification rather than Standards Track due to its noncompliance with multiple best current practices of HTTP.
RFC8984 - JSCalendar: A JSON Representation of Calendar Data
This specification defines a data model and JSON representation of calendar data that can be used for storage and data exchange in a calendaring and scheduling environment. It aims to be an alternative and, over time, successor to the widely deployed iCalendar data format. It also aims to be unambiguous, extendable, and simple to process. In contrast to the jCal format, which is also based on JSON, JSCalendar is not a direct mapping from iCalendar but defines the data model independently and expands semantics where appropriate.
RFC9073 - Event Publishing Extensions to iCalendar
This specification updates RFC 5545 by introducing a number of new iCalendar properties and components that are of particular use for event publishers and in social networking.
This specification also defines a new "STRUCTURED-DATA" property for iCalendar (RFC 5545) to allow for data that is directly pertinent to an event or task to be included with the calendar data.
RFC9074 - "VALARM" Extensions for iCalendar
This document defines a set of extensions to the iCalendar "VALARM" component to enhance the use of alarms and improve interoperability between clients and servers.
This document updates RFC 5545.
RFC9253 - Support for iCalendar Relationships
This specification updates the iCalendar RELATED-TO property defined in RFC 5545 by adding new relation types and introduces new iCalendar properties (LINK, CONCEPT, and REFID) to allow better linking and grouping of iCalendar components and related data.