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RFC8080 - Edwards-Curve Digital Security Algorithm (EdDSA) for DNSSEC
This document describes how to specify Edwards-curve Digital Security Algorithm (EdDSA) keys and signatures in DNS Security (DNSSEC). It uses EdDSA with the choice of two curves: Ed25519 and Ed448.
RFC8103 - Using ChaCha20-Poly1305 Authenticated Encryption in the Cryptographic Message Syntax (CMS)
This document describes the conventions for using ChaCha20-Poly1305 Authenticated Encryption in the Cryptographic Message Syntax (CMS). ChaCha20-Poly1305 is an authenticated encryption algorithm constructed of the ChaCha stream cipher and Poly1305 authenticator.
RFC8268 - More Modular Exponentiation (MODP) Diffie-Hellman (DH) Key Exchange (KEX) Groups for Secure Shell (SSH)
This document defines added Modular Exponentiation (MODP) groups for the Secure Shell (SSH) protocol using SHA-2 hashes. This document updates RFC 4250. This document updates RFC 4253 by correcting an error regarding checking the Peer's DH Public Key.
RFC8270 - Increase the Secure Shell Minimum Recommended Diffie-Hellman Modulus Size to 2048 Bits
The Diffie-Hellman (DH) Group Exchange for the Secure Shell (SSH) transport-layer protocol specifies that servers and clients should support groups with a minimum modulus group size of 1024 bits. Recent security research has shown that the minimum value of 1024 bits is insufficient to protect against state-sponsored actors and any organization with enough computing resources. This RFC updates RFC 4419, which allowed for DH moduli less than 2048 bits; now, 2048 bits is the minimum acceptable group size.